Increase your strength, stamina and
confidence with the expert assistance
of a Personal Coach! Let me
coordinate a safe, effective exercise
regimen that will help you achieve
your ideal body and conquer your
insecurities once and for all. Personal
training is the answer to your fitness
prayers. I provide fun, customized
workouts, invaluable advice and
spirited encouragement that will see
you through to the achievement of
your highest goals. My clients will
learn proper technique with each
specific exercise and to identify the
muscle groups at work and will be
able to differentiate pain from actual
I specialize in: mind, body and spirit
makeovers, sport nutrition and
supplementation, diet and weight
control, cardio prescriptions,
motivation, martial arts and self
defence, massage therapy.

Proudly servicing: Burlington, Oakville,
Mississauga, Brampton, Milton,
Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, Vaughan,
Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Thornhill
Personal Trainer Toronto
(at-home-fitness-training in Toronto area)
Certified Fitness
Trainer (ACE)
Irek Tuniewicz M.P.E, CN
What I believe: Living a balanced
lifestyle through precise nutrition,
proper exercise, disciplined
behaviour, personal responsibility
and a general feeling of personal well
being and success.
What I reject: Fad diets, quick fixes,
temporary shortcuts, "miracles" in
bottles and refusing to learn how and
why your body gains muscle and
burns fat.
What I do: I work closely with my
clients and provide the most scientific,
effective and supportive approach to
reaching personal health and fitness -
related goals.Through individually
customized programs I teach my
clients how to lose weight the only
correct way and how to stay fit, look
good and feel great for life.
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"It is the purpose of the Martial Arts training to preserve the philosophy, techniques and tradition of martial
arts and to develop scientific understanding of  the physical and spiritual implication of human performance."
                             - Irek Tuniewicz Mission Statement, 2015
Personal Trainer Toronto is In-Home
Fitness Training and Nutrition Service,
offered in the comfort of your place at
your convenience.

I hold hold some of the highest
certifications in the health & fitness
industry, and I come to you to help you
reach your fitness, rehabilitative & sport
specific goals.

- Functional & Circuit Training
- Strength Training
- Cardiovascular Conditioning
- Nutritional Consulting
- Rehabilitation
- Martial Arts (
K-1, Muay Thai, Kyokushin)
- Flexibility
- Fitness Assessments
- Private, Partner & Group Training
- Sport Specific Conditioning

Obesity and Overweight (Risk Factors)

If you don't take time for being healthy and take
care about yourself, you'll eventually have to
make time for being sick