Private Training Rates:
Number of sessions         Cost per session         Savings per session                Cost per package
         100                                    $75.00                                  $15.00                                $7500.00  
           50                                    $76.00                                  $14.00                                 $3800.00
           30                                    $76.75                                  $13.25                                 $2302.50
           20                                    $80.00                                   $10.00                                $1600.00
           15                                    $82.00                                   $8.00                                  $1230.00
           10                                    $85.00                                   $5.00                                  $850.00
            5                                     $90.00                                    N/A                                     $450.00


Full Fitness Assessment:
  Â·  $99.00
  Â·  A 1 hour thorough assessment evaluating your cardiovascular
    level, flexibility, muscular strength/endurance, blood presure, RHR and body composition.        

Basic Fitness Assessment:
 Â·  $49.00
 Â· A 30 minute basic assessment that will evaluate your blood pressure,
   RHR, body composition and flexibility.

Ask about Specialty Programs:
 Â· Nutrition Counselling ($99 initial consultation and $69 each subsequent session)
Group Training ($99/h)
Relaxation Massage ($79/h)
Group Kick Boxing Class ($99/h)
Group Karate Lessons ($99/h)
One on One Boxing, Kickboxing or Karate ($89/h)

48 hours cancelation policy in effect

                                                Nervous about making a commitment to training? No problem.
                                 I want you to feel as comfortable as possible and are committed to your satisfaction.
                              I offer a 10 day money back guarantee with no obligation, no commitment & no hassle .

Every FTT Training package includes a Personalized Consultation and Fitness Assessment, to determine your starting point
and specific goals so that a training strategy may be developed.
Follow up assessments are also encouraged so that I can monitor your progress along the way to ensure you’re on the
path to success!

Private Training *$69-$79 per session
Enjoy the benefits that one-on-one training provides. Receive personalized coaching, motivation and education specific to
your unique needs and goals.

Partner PLUS Training *Split the cost!
Training with a partner can be fun and motivating! Depending on how similar your goals are, your Trainer may have you
practicing partner drills or training independently, plus, hold your partner accountable to working out when your Trainer isn't     

Family Fitness Training *Less than 1/3 of the cost!
Get the whole family involved and enjoy getting fit together with a fun filled group activity or workout either in the comfort of
your own home or outdoors.

12 Week Makeover Challenge *SAVE $99
Achieve dramatic results in just 12 weeks! My 12 Week Makeover Challenge includes a combination of Personal Training
and Nutritional guidance designed specifically to help you reach your goals. Bi-weekly measurements will be taken to
monitor your progression and results along the way and your trainer will provide you with the coaching, education and
motivation necessary to maintain your results and a balanced lifestyle thereafter.
For all fitness levels & goals.

Get Started Program *6 Weeks *SAVE $59
Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser, my six week program is perfect to assist you in getting
started off on the right foot or will help you to overcome any plateaus you’ve met.
-Sessions are 60 min. in length and may be scheduled at your convenience
-Gift Certificates available.

*All programs based on 3x / week basis.
Request your FREE Personalized Consultation & Fitness Assessment by
                                            calling (416) 419-4990 or email NOW!

                                                                         Top 10 reasons get started today!

1. Get results faster
2. Receive one-on-one attention
3. Start off on the right foot
4. Overcome plateaus
5. Maintain lasting results
6. Receive customized program designs
7. Time efficient and convenient
8. Receive professional fitness & nutritional advice
9. Learn proper exercise form, breathing and technique to ensure your safety
10. Make working out fun!
PLUS *Receive ongoing support, coaching, motivation and education!
Stop wasting valuable time and money and get started now!