Online Personal Fitness Training Programs: Benefits and Fees

"Fitnation" has several types of services available to suit your needs. Personal Client has full, unlimited access
to his/her own certified trainer who has a degree in a fitness-related field. I design all programs personally for
each client. I do not give vague, generalized programs to my clients or give you a program and ignore you.
Unlimited personal access to highly educated fitness expert makes my service unique.

Personalized service Membership includes:

* Your own personalized fitness program designed by a certified trainer with a degree in a fitness-related field.  
* You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire - all fitness levels included.)
* Unlimited one on one e-mail contact with me for your individual fitness and nutrition questions
 and unlimited program changes and updates
* Unlimited new programs, updates, and changes to your program
* Printable ready-made fitness programs for all fitness levels
* Nutritional guidance and support, including our printable nutritional diary and nutritional checklist guide
* Goal setting
* Motivational support
* Training tips
* Client newsletters
* Workout reminders
* And much more!

Gift Memberships

I offer each of my services also  as a Gift Service. There is a gift programs to suit every budget. These gift
programs are great for any occasion and are sent with your personal email message on the date you designate.
For more information or to purchase a gift membership
e-mail here.

Resistance Training

Resistance training, also known as weight training or strength training, is for everyone. It is an important tool
for achieving a complete healthy life. Resistance training is not just for people who are athletes, want to build
or tone muscle, or are using resistance training to achieve a better looking body.
You may also hear the terms weight training (or weight lifting) and strength training used to describe working
the muscles with resistance. Resistance training is the term used to describe using weights, machines, and even
your own body weight to effectively work your muscles. It is the umbrella term used to accurately describe all
forms of resistance training, whether working with weights or not. Although strength training accurately
describes what resistance training does, many people do not use the term because they think it only applies to
those trying to become bigger and stronger when, in fact, all resistance training which is correctly done indeed
increases strength, but does not necessary visibly increase size.

Resistance training does improve the look and tone of the body but it is now known to be more than just a
specialized exercise activity.

Medical research has shown that resistance training does the following:

* Strengthens the muscular system
* Strengthens the skeletal system
* Improves bone density (decreases the chance of osteoporosis)
Increases metabolism
* Improves posture
* Limits atrophy of the muscles
* Aids in hypertension control
* Aids in cholesterol control
* Aids in body fat control
* Increases circulation
* Aids in prevention of adult-onset diabetes
* Improves mood and self-esteem
* Improves quality of life
* Aids in the prevention of heart disease and certain cancers
* Helps relise of Growth Hormone (HGH)

These are just a few of the many benefits of resistance training as well documented by medical professionals.  A
well-planned resistance training program should be a part of everyone's health and fitness lifestyle regardless
of age, gender, or goals.

Resistance training can be done anywhere and without specialized equipment.  You do not have to join a health
club or spend a lot of money. You can do resistance training using barbells, dumbbells, specialty machines such
as Nautilus and Cybex, resistance bands, and even by using your own body as resistance.  Common household
products can be used when resistance training.

The most important aspect of resistance training is correct performance of the exercise.  Too many people
become concerned with how fast an exercise is performed or how heavy a weight is being used.  This means that
the exercise is done incorrectly.  This can cause injury and most often results in endless resistance training
without benefit or results.


The phrase "you are what you eat" has never been more true for those wanting to improve their health and
fitness level. Exercise regularly and eat right: you'll be on the right track to achieving optimal health. Withhold
key nutrients and eat poorly: your body will have little energy and your muscles will have literally nothing with
which to repair and improve themselves.
Like many, you may not always understand the standard recommendations for proper nutrition: "How much
protein do I need?" "What are the best sources of complex carbohydrates and fiber?" "How can I lower the fat
in foods I love?" "How do I know if I'm drinking enough water?"
Whether you know only a little about nutrition and are seeking guidance or you are already quite
knowledgeable, I'll provide you with easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow recommendations. You'll learn to
make choices based on a reasonable and realistic course of pleasurable action that will gradually lead you to
better health and improved physical performance.


Personalized training program with on going support : $150
Personalized training program with out on going support : $100
Personalized nutrition program with on going support : $150
Personalized nutrition program with out ongoing support : $100

All payments can be made trough to this e-mail :